FAQ - What is your Role in African Shea butter Processing?

Posted by tamabeautyfromnature.com on Feb 28th 2017

SEKAF (GH) Ltd, the sister company of tamabeautyfromnature.com's main activity is international trade of tropical raw materials.

Sekaf is 100% African shea butter company. We own and operate the Sekaf Shea Butter Village in Kasalgu, Ghana where our African shea butter are produced. Sekaf Shea Butter Village women collects shea nut products. The nuts collected are pretreated to prevent and remove the possibility of surface molds and also as a precaution to microbiological contamination.

SEKAF (GH) Ltd nuts, from cursory observation even appear to be of excellent quality and have been confirmed in our laboratory analysis. We store our nuts in a well-constructed and maintained traditional storage facility. The sheanut is very wet when it is picked and the drying process, bagging, packaging and storage has to be managed efficiently to ensure that the Free Fatty Acid content remains as low as possible. Our attention to details in the areas of processing, packaging, quality control, warehousing and shipments has made our shea nuts and shea nut products the best in quality. We offer our high quality, unrefined west African shea butter at competitive prices.